BarCampIreland wines - foxy!


Hello BarCampers!

Here are the wines you can look forward to on Saturday, thanks to the generosity of our Chilean supplier, La Fortuna
(and Bubble Brothers a bit too).

Chilean wines are very successful in Ireland, with between a quarter and a fifth of the market, and the reason is that they are reliably delicious at affordable prices. These two are no exception: the Sauvignon Blanc is fruity and clean-tasting, and the Syrah has rich, smooth fruit with a smoky character quite different from, say, Australian Shirazes.

From the 2005 vintage onwards, all of La Fortuna's wines are going to be organic, which will be a strong selling point - we've all heard horror stories about some countries, chemical additives and wine - so the Sauvignon is organic already, and the Syrah's nearly there. From our next delivery on, we're having the organic certification put on the label.

Thank you to Juan Oyarzun, the export manager of La Fortuna, for persisting in his help and support despite my attempts to explain Saturday's goings-on!

A culpeo, by the way, is Pseudalopex culpaeus (it looks as though other names also apply) - a Chilean fox.

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