Australian wine tasting at the AGA shop

Mount_Langi_Ghiran Our September wine tasting is nearly here, and we're very excited to be showing off some wines that are new on our shelves as well as new to Ireland; and, as so often, they're exclusive to Bubble Brothers. You can see what's coming at the bottom of our home page. This Wednesday we'll be introducing a range of wines from Australia at 7.30pm in Cork's AGA showrooms on Lapp's Quay, and we're charging €12 for 12 wines. We've chosen wines that we think make a valuable contribution to our list and that display definite regional characteristics. In markets like Ireland, where a common perception is that Australian wine is 'all the same', the Australians are very keen to point out that their wines can be serious, individual, and show the influence of terroir just as much as those from any other country. We have two guests on the night from the Rathbone Wine Group: Ryan Morgan and Global Brand Manager Aaron Drummond. Between us all, we should be able to answer any questions you may have about the wines and where they come from. We'll be pouring wines from three estates, representing three different regions: Yering Station from Victoria's Yarra Valley: Xanadu Estate from Margaret River in Western Australia and Mount Langi Ghiran in Western Victoria and tasting not only Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay, but also Pinot Grigio and Riesling - among others. Our first shipment of these wines is due to arrive in Ireland in the first week of October, so there's about a fortnight to wait if you'd like to buy them. Tomorrow's tasting is a sneak preview from a few precious sample bottles. On the night we'll be taking advance orders at discounted prices for collection next month, as soon as the goods are in. Because the finite quantity of wine available means we have to limit numbers, the only sure way to reserve a place is online, here.