A sparkling occasion - the Irish Blog Awards

If you want something doing, ask a busy man, they say. Well we at Bubble Brothers are the 1er cru classé of busy, or thereabouts, at the moment and yes I did leave relabelling the champagne for the Irish Blog Awards till the last impossible minute. Simply because there has been so much more work than time lately.

So numero uno, thank you, Damien Mulley, for not having a perfectly justifiable cow in response to my procrastinations.
And numero uno (part the second), thank you, Hugh Macleod, for so generously allowing me to use one of yer excellent cartoons to conceal my patent lack of design inspiration when the heat was on.
And numero uno, part III: The Return of the Kings, thank you, Billy Forrester and Cyril Besnard of Bubble Brothers, for staying late at the end of what was already a very long day for you both, to help me out of trouble.

Anyway, we got there in the end in a James Bond-ishly 23:59:59 kind of way; and if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, I hope you like the look of the bottle.

I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a week, so it's over to the other contributors for the duration. Y'all have fun at the Awards, d'y'hear me now?