A good deal going on at URRU Bandon

A topsy-turvy week this week. The irreplaceable Austin is off sick, so I have been doing my best to keep the customers satisfied at the English Market shop. (And no, he wasn't just skiving so as to go the Liverpool match - quiet at the back, please!) I thought I'd better let yous know that you can try one of our wines in the flesh, so to speak, at URRU, McSwiney Quay, Bandon this Saturday. I'll be there, between about eleven and about half past two, to introduce a promotion of Louis de Belair's Dauphin du Rozier, a very elegant Grenache and Syrah blend from the Costieres de Nimes. The French can be a bit sniffy about the C de N for some reason, but I think no more than a sniff is all that's needed to settle the issue as far as this wine's concerned. The deal is two for twenty euro, which pretty much corresponds to the £7.50/bottle we charged for it when it first arrived on the Bubble Brothers list in medieval times. Here it is on our website at the current retail price of 12.50. If you buy a few bottles online, I'll apply the deal when I process the order. And if you notice that the accents in Costieres de Nimes turn to shrapnel in your browser, you can change View>Encoding> to UTF-8. I know it's a nuisance. I have it on my conscience. Every now and again I get the curious feeling people are reading this blog. Silly of me, I know, but there you are.