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This was going to be a brief plug for last night's gig at Cyprus Avenue to raise funds for the Cork Steiner school, but I didn't get the post up in time. Sorry.

A plug too for John Gowan and his excellent coffee
and thanks for the half a croissant he gave me this morning with my cup o' joe. Thanks buddy.

Any road up, from biodynamically empowered children to biodynamically empowered grapes, we tried and are more than happy with the new inexpensive (sixteen euro-ish) Vacqueyras from Montirius. It's not shown on their renovated website, perhaps because it's new, and perhaps because the Vacqueyras we have stocked hitherto - which is now called Vacqueyras "les Garrigues"- is a bit more profitable. Most of the wines are getting a descriptive name added to their appelation on the label, so the Gigondas is to become Gigondas "Vignes 1925", &c. &c.

I'm not convinced that this gerrymandering of the range is the facelift the already moderno-traditional hybrid labels of Montirius need. Much more effective to start again from scratch, in my view. That wine label analysis blog gets closer by the day.

Live ones, and the musical ring to this post generally, lead me to a jazz birthday: Dick Pearce the trumpeter and flugel player. A bit of biog. here. And Ornette Coleman winning the music Pulitzer, how 'bout that? Mmm, ten grand. And later in the year, there's something here for oud fans.

The livest one of all is one of our new suppliers in the Loire Valley, rising star (&c. &c.) Damien Delecheneau of Domaine La Grange Tiphaine. Britt and Per Karlsson, authors of the marvellous and comprehensive bkwine.com, have a very lifelike portrait of Damien over on their website, if you want to see his face. There was such a scrum round his stand at the Loire wine fair I couldn't get a picture of him that wouldn't have been mostly of eager tasters' elbows or nostrils.

We left it a bit late to get back in touch, and when we did place an order, it turned out that most of the Domaine's available wine has already been sold. So we know it's not just the Bubble Brothers tasters who think they're on to a good thing.

Look out, then, in due course, for a brilliant, luminous and fresh-as-a-daisy red blend of Côt (aka Malbec), Gamay and Cabernet Franc called Ad Libitum, which is how you might want to enjoy its juicy, leafy silkiness; and a rosé called Riage Tournant, which blends Côt, Gamay and Grolleau into a sensational summer cooler that's serious enough to make a good food wine too. Both of those should work out at about the fourteen euro mark.

Another summery delight just about to go on sale is the Vin de Sophie from Château la Villatade, which Sophie Morin introduced to us when she visited Cork for our Big Wine Event last year. You can get the general idea (youthful, vibrant, red fruits) here. Good for when the sun shines, and for while you're waiting for it to shine.

UPDATE 21.iv.07
As a result of Per and Britt's rightfully indignant comment, I have deleted their picture of Damien Delecheneau; and, I hope, made a sufficient apology.


  • Julian
    Dear Per and Britt, I do beg your pardon. I asked you once before about using a picture of Erik Banti, and as I recall you generously said it would be all right so long as I gave you an acknowledgement in the blog. I was wrong to assume that I could repeat the exercise without your consent. I am naturally fully aware of the implications of copyright &c. and didn’t mean to cause any offence at all. I’m replacing the picture immediately, and hope you’ll accept my apology.

  • Per & Britt
    Thank you for mentioning us in a very positive way. However, I would like to point out that our photography is copyrighted, which is very explicitly mentioned more or less everywhere on our site.

    If you have a customer walk into one of your shop, put a bottle in a bag, and walk out, what would you think? Would you be happy? Or would you call it stealing?

    Or would you think it was OK if that person mentioned to hei friends that “you know, it’s at this merchant Bubble Brothers that I found this free-for-all bottle” and that would be enough for you?

    Well, that’s what you’ve done with our photo (photos?).

    You are very welcome to refer people through a link to our site, to view our photography. But using our material without permission is illegal.

    So I have to ask you to remove our picture(s) from your site. They are copyrighted material and not free to use.

    If you have any questions, or if you would like to obtain the right to use our pictures (=buy them, just like people buy your bottles) then you are welcome to contact us at info [at] bkwine,com

  • Joe
    Rightfully indignant? I thought it was way over the line. I mean, they(?) refer to it as if you intentionally stole their product and then were gloating in the spoils, as opposed to… you know, giving them free advertising. I felt that it was unneccesarily rude — why not simply say, “Hey, appreciate the plug, but please don’t use our copywritten images?” Especially (!) if they’ve given you consent in the past.

    As great as your review of them was, the nastiness of that comment undid all of the positive PR you spun for them.

  • Julian
    Joe, Thank you for giving some balance to the ‘debate’. I can, er, see your point of view.

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