Wedding Champagne

It looks as though the papers (link removed) are spilling the beans this morning, so I don't suppose there's any harm in our being explicit about it either: Mr Flatley of the imminent nuptials has had the excellent good taste to choose a champagne from Bubble Brothers for his guests tomorrow. It's one of the exquisite Tsarine champagnes from Chanoine, the second oldest house in Champagne. Fair play to himself for working with a local merchant - local people for the whole do in general - when other options were plainly open to him. I'll post again tomorrow, but our best wishes kinda go without saying. Technorati tags: Michael Flatley, champagne, Tsarine, wedding, CastleHyde


  • Julian
    That’s what happens when you try to work from the chaos of home on your day off! I know what happened, though I don’t really understand why. Fixed now anyway, and thank you very much indeed.

  • cork-host
    Your champagne chanoine link is malformed

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