WBW 42 - Just Seven Words - from Spittoon.biz

WBW 42 - Just Seven Words - from Spittoon.biz This is one everybody can join in with. Wine Blogging Wednesday wants you to write pretty much less than a haiku (now there's a thought) to describe an Italian red. Spittoon has the low-down. LouderVoice, you listening?


  • The LouderVoice Blog - Can you review a wine in 7 words?
    […] Julian from Bubble Brothers let us know about the wonderful Wine Blogging Wednesday community and what they get up to. […]

  • Lar
    My 7 Words on a Poliziano Rosso di Montepulciano are up!

    Did a video – though didn’t put my noggin on it. Working up to that!


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