TV Dinners

Absolutely up the walls here with last-minute orders and deliveries, but anyway, the blog must go on...

Although Nigella Lawson's schmaltz'n'syrup cocktail gives me indigestion, I tell myself she's only doing it for the camera/money and try to see through that. The other week when she cooked ribs &c. I felt that underneath all the good housekeeping stuff there was a soul food cook. You go girl. Then on last night's show, the Christmas dinner, somebody decided to put the dynamic, the soulful Mr Lou Rawls on the soundtrack, which made me very happy: his bacon grease'n'molasses cocktail doesn't give me indigestion.

Jas'n'Oz, the Abbott and Costello of British wine TV, did Champagne, which was interesting for the Bubble Brothers, and in the end, when they said au revoir, it was all about friendships and personalities and the human angle generally. Proper order.

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  • Conor O'Neill
    I’m finding Nigella unbearable. In her dressing gown pretending it is Christmas Morning in the middle of July. There is fake and fake but this is just silly.

    The two boyos on the other hand created a tv highlight of the year for me.

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