the eleventh hour

All very very busy now with the final preparations for tomorrow's event. Wrote to Stormhoek to see if there are any possibilities there, especially with another Cork blogger dinner coming up. Jay-Z, who stopped drinking and endorsing Cristal, has found a new, exclusive, and shinily packaged champagne with an ace of spades on it. Q. What do Motorhead and Jay-Z have in common? Here's Decanter's report.

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  • Julian
    Hey Maria, here’s looking at you! Yours is a blog we should have a permanent link to. Sorry the Decanter link to doesn’t work: I don’t know why. Armand de Brignac’s “Ace of Spades” is the new fizz in Jay-Z’s life. If you’re ever in Cork, do let us know.

  • The Bubbly Girl
    Hope I’ll get to visit your shop one day.

    I’m curious: what’s the name of Jay-Zs new bubbly that you mentioned?

    You’ll figure out the reason for my enquiry if you check out my blog:

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