Spanish samples

Here are the results of the Cork jury, following a tasting of a selection of wines from one of our Spanish suppliers, who represents a number of wineries. There were so many samples to consider that we decided to try just the reds. Vina Alegre Vina Alegre TintoVina Alegre

This was light, smooth, fruity, and would be very acceptable at the price, which was low. But we couldn't reconcile ourselves to the label. Valleoscuro Valleoscuro Tinto
This was bright and fresh, with plenty of fruit. Nowt wrong wi'it, but there's too much competition at this style-and-price point, and again the presentation is only so-so. Otero Reserva Bodegas Otero Reserva
Now this was interesting, with a good proportion of the Prieto Picudo grape giving violet-y, woodlandy character. But we found one we liked even more from this supplier... Otero Crianza Bodegas Otero Crianza
Mr Otero has been persuaded, perhaps a little against his instinct, to go the whole hog with the pointy Prieto Picudo grape and make a 100% varietal wine. It's a marvel. The gamble has clearly paid off : a terrific wine from Spain, not a Tempranillo, which really sets itself apart where the smells and tastes are concerned: strawberries, violets and blackberries, and to boot the depths of flavour provided by oak aging. A very palpable Christmas wine, I think, and good value. You can buy it here.

And there was another must-have, dahling, from Bodegas Rejadorada in Toro: Rejadorada Roble Bodegas Rejadorada Roble
This is a big, bold Tempranillo that you can see tasted here by the rambunctious Gary Vaynerchuk. We think it's a very handsome new pin in the Bubble Brothers map of Spain. You can buy it from us - if you're in Ireland - here.


  • Julian
    Hell’s bells, Emilio,

    You’re quick off the mark! I am so sorry – we still have your samples, and I’m still looking forward to tasting them, and I will most certainly give a full review on the blog. It’s just very, very busy here. In the meantime, I’ll try to find a minute to publish a post about your site, and I’m going to subscribe right away. Congratulations on having the courage to try doing things a little differently – I’d love to get news from my suppliers by RSS. (Any of you reading this?)

  • Bodegas Tintoralba
    Talking about Spanish samples…

    Some time ago I send you some samples of our wines Higueruela and Tintoralba. I hope you have had the chance to taste them?

    Have a look at our “cooperative blog” www,, from Bodegas Tintoralba. We are still starting as a blog, but then again not many Spanish wineries have one. And the chance you see a cooperative with a blog is even smaller. We srill have to learn, but we are willing to take good advice from other more experienced bloggers.

    I still hope to see one they your tasting notes of our wines on your blog.

    - Emilio

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