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I hope Anthony Creswell of Ummera realizes what a procrastinator I am. I don't mean to never announce things in time. I'm just throwing this in as it came in his e-mail. The details are legible, if not beautiful.

Anyway, if you're stuck for ideas tomorrow, slip on your wetsuit and head along to this:

West Cork Slow Food

Annual Summer Picnic

Sunday19th August

A revival of the Sommerville and Ross tradition:

Climb up Lough Hyne and treat yourself to a scrumptious picnic

while gazing at the spectacular view.

Meet at bottom of Lough Hyne to collect your pre-ordered picnic at 1:00pm

We aim to start climb at 1:30pm

Packed picnics by Stephen Canty of Food for Thought Catering





Menu details available at the West Cork Gourmet Store, Schull, Urru Culinary Store Bandon, and

Each picnic includes salads, dessert and

¼ bottle wine from our kind sponsors: Febvre and Company

Children's picnics include fresh fruit juice

Adults €20 Children €8, €15 for 2,

€22 for 3

Information/ booki ngs

087 752 8940 087 752 8945

"Gentlemen are reminded that women have more tender nerves and more rapid imaginations . . .

and so a site set above a cliff selected for its splendid view may alarm the female diners."

--Victorian Etiquette Manual--


  • Julian
    I’m delighted to hear about the rejuvenating properties of wine… my daily dealings with it sometimes feel as though they’ve added a few years on! But ça conserve, I’ve heard, in moderation. Many happy returns to you sir.

  • Anthony Creswell

    Many thanks for the mention; it’s obviously too late to book a picnic, but any late readers – do come along, and bring your own!
    I was caught a few days ago by a surprise birthday party, mine as it happened, and I was well caught! However, the location, the meal and the wines could not have been surpassed:
    The location was Dunworly, the food brilliantly presented in the best of Slow tradition by the amazing Otto, who is so sadly hanging up his pots at the end of the month, and the wines……. I think that Billy and Harriet must have been in secret talks over the selection, and a great selection they were.
    Blanc de Blanc Champagne from Jean-Claude Vallois, a Pouilly Fume from Domaine Champeau and a Vacqueyras, Domaine Montirius, produced by Christine & Eric Saurel.
    Surrounded by great friends, amazing food, superb wines, and stunning location, I knocked 10 years of my age!
    Thanks to Bubblebrothers for their part!

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