I tend to resist expressing an opinion on matters of politics and religion, because I don't know what I'm talking about. However, watch out for the servus servorum Dei next time you ask for the wine list - the Bishop of Rome has been made an honorary sommelier. Decanter has the low-down.

And, God forbid the time should come when the sheep are sorted from the goats by the sword, but I thought I should refer you to a Reuter's bulletin that Tom Wark commented on recently. You can see both sides, but really!... which I suppose is what a wishy-washy Anglican would say.

Anyway, to business - in the coming week I shall mostly be going on about BarCamp. Our Chilean suppliers, La Fortuna, have generously offered to co-sponsor with us in supplying some rather tasty wine for next Saturday's conference.
More details in the week, by which time it would be great if La Fortuna got their website back up. It was long overdue for refreshment. Like meself. Hasta la v.

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  • Conor O'Neill
    I’m not sure if yummmmmmmm is considered a sufficiently long comment?

  • Julian
    I had thought about supplying the Chardonnay, but you’re right – I ought to show off the Sauvignon Blanc. For the red, I’m thinking of giving the hearty Syrah (=Shiraz)an outing, as being less familiar from Chile. Of course I’ll change the tags.

  • Conor O'Neill
    I’m really looking forward to this wine Julian. Being Chilean, can I assume we’ll be seeing some nice Sauvignon Blancs?

    Send on their URL when their site is back up and we’ll put them on the blog.

    Thanks again for the sponsorship and for having the logo displayed so prominently.

    One tiny request – can you add BarCampIreland as a technorati tag on the posts – we are not actually tracking the generic barcamp tag. Thanks.

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