Quite a mouthful

This time I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. Welcome to sunny South Africa, and in particular the Goedverwacht estate run by Jan and Marian du Toit. We buy from them delicious Sauvignons, a supple, ripe Merlot, a substantial rosé made from Shiraz, and two robust reds: the Bordeaux blend called Triangle, and the wine that first drew our attention to Goedverwacht, the powerful, rich-flavoured Acre of Stone Shiraz. No Pinotage, no Chenin. Great, accessible (taste and price) wines, and you can help save the cranes too.


  • Julian
    Hi Elke, Wine is all about people, and the more the merrier, on the whole. If we ever take a trip to Robertson to meet the du Toits, I’ll try to let you know in plenty of time!

  • Elke
    Hi Julian,

    Austin will confirm that I love Goedverwacht….my favourite being the rose. One of the better Rose-Shiraz I had so far. Don’t you agree that you need an assistant to join you at these events???? I bet you do :-)


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