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Here's a list of our suppliers, with hyperlinks where possible and reasonably reliable. Please let me know if you'd like any more information. There are of course ways this list could be made more useful - but I wanted to make a start. UPDATE I was making some, er, improvements and lost all the hyperlinks. So please don't tell me to put them in - I know about that at least... ARGENTINA Speri Argentina FRANCE Mas Amiel Domaine Aonghusa Ampelidae Mas des Bressades Corpel Cascastel Côte de l'Ange Cave de Cairanne Domaine Champeau André Clouet Chanoine Frères Louis Chenu Père et Filles Eric Chevalier, Domaine de l'Aujardière Depoivre Maison Fleurie Champagne Fleury Gautherin et Fils Godet, Domaine de Marcé Château Jouclary La Grange Tiphaine Lalande Domaine de Longueroche Domaine de Laballe Meyer Montirius Vignobles Montfreux de Fages Pierlot Fils Rimbert Château de Rozier Domaine de la Rossignole Domaine Reine Juliette Wilfrid Rousse Triguedina Jean Louis Trocard Vallois Château La Villatade ITALY Casale Pavia Ca'Vendramin SRL Colli Euganei s.c.a.r.l. Az.Agr.Icardi Borgo Maragliano Frazzitta Erik Banti Accademia dei Racemi BEER iKiBeerBV NEW ZEALAND Brightwater Vineyards Ltd SPAIN San Marcos de Almendralejo Cooperativa Mas Codina Bodegas Altanza SA Bodegas Pingón Agricola Castellana SCL Bodega Hermanos del Villar S.L. Bodegas y Viñedos Tamaral S.L. Alta Alella SL Parxet S.A. Agro de Bazan SA SOUTH AFRICA Goedverwacht CHILE La Fortuna


  • Julian
    Hello Ashley,

    I think that’s wishful thinking! There are one or two people growing vines in Ireland, so far as I know yielding not very much wine and not very reliably. I doubt they’d be in a position to let you fill your own bottles… but perhaps the internet knows better.

    We’ve looked at bringing in bag-in-box wines, because some of our favourite suppliers do offer these, for good quality wines too – but the associations of bag-in-box in Ireland are not always with quality, and so far we’ve decided against it.

    I think vino sfuso will probably remain a pleasure of trips abroad for the time being.

  • Ashley
    Do you know if their are vineyards in Ireland, possibly near Dublin who deal with selling vino sfuso?

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