New Year’s honour

By way of a break from the less tempting back-to-work chores, I allowed myself to scan through the newly arrived February edition of Decanter to see if any of 'our' wines were mentioned.

Result! Our Châteauneuf-du-Pape, from Domaine de la Côte de l'Ange, gets a very encouraging score from the panel tasting the 2004 vintage, in eighth place out of one hundred and fifty-four wines tasted. If you're interested, it'd be worth buying the magazine for the discussion of these "fresh, delicious" wines and how they fit in to the wider, global wine context.

(In case you're wondering, the difference between the English importer's price in sterling and ours in euro is pretty much normal when all the extras of duty, transport and VAT &c. are taken into account.)

If anyone reading this has first-hand experience of this wine, please leave a comment - we sold enough bottles last month!


  • GollyGumDrops
    I’ll look out for this one, I’ve had a few good CNDP’s this year, and a couple of rough ones. I’ve learned to work on recommendations only.

  • Julian
    I think it’s worth a try. I was delighted to find a huge improvement on the rainy 2002 which it replaces with us, and plenty of aging potential. Wine Spectator, I’ve just discovered, thanks to a month’s online subscription for just this purpose, says: Bright and fleshy, with delightful ripe plum, raspberry and fig fruit. Plenty of spice and sweet smoke on the finish. Fair enough.

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