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This seems pretty cool to me. Thanks to all involved: to Deborah, for the list itself; James, for grazring it; and Damien, for passing the word along. Roll on the day when there are enough Irish wine blogs for someone to make a list of those. (You will have to use your initiative to find the links involved because I am having difficulty publishing them.) Don't wine people in this country have computers? Are we the only Irish wine company interested in finding out what our customers and suppliers, and people generally, have to say? A bit of an old chat, at least? And it's not as if I have time on my hands; on the contrary.


  • Lorraine@italianfoodies
    Thanks for the link Julian. I must add you to mine, been meaning to do it for ages, we’re both slow;). Thanks for getting back on the matching food with wine.I’ll put the word out and see what people would like to know:)Ciao


  • Kieran
    Nice one, Julian!

  • Julian
    The pleasure’s all ours!

  • Deborah
    Thanks for the link guys. Will update your link and add some others, including the other one you suggested this evening hopefully. Thanks again!

    P.S> Love that iki beer! ;-)

  • James Corbett
    Thanks for trying out Grazr lads and delighted to see one of our themes matches the style of this blog so well :-)

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