I want seafood, mama…

Ok, I'm back. Tempting to let the images speak for themselves.

Here's a Norwegian road sign, linking to the Silda Jazz website. Regret did not see real elk, despite impromptu seven-hour bus journey through mountains to alternative airport when our flight home was cancelled. Fallow deer, though, I think it was, and what might have been a kestrel. Also much herring (deceased).

I met up with some acquaintances from way back, the ever-chipper Jive Aces, who really know how to put on a show. Someone thought it would be a good idea to take a photo.
We're the ones not in yellow.

I'll return to wine and related matters when I'm fully recovered from the rigours of the trip back to Ireland. However, here's a link to the site of the Norwegian wine monopoly, which "has had an exciting and engrossing history".


  • Julian
    Maybe. A pal of mine came over for the Savoy gig. Anyway, there’s a Half Moon gig next month just before de Jazz. Not much in public before then, but I daresay G. is working on it. Oh! – Jive Aces in Soho bar on the 23rd September I think. Everyone should go.

  • Donal
    Good stuff. Ye used to have a piano man before didn’t ye? Think I’ve seen it on some old pictures. Must get to another gig again soon.

  • Julian
    Plug away, sir – I’m all for real live music, even if I never have time to listen to any. As for the piano, you may be off the hook. George has just inveigled a piano man into the band, so rejoicing all round as far as I’m concerned. Makes the world of difference.

  • Donal
    Hey Julian,
    I do play piano as it turns out, if you were asking me. I haven’t played much for a while though, playing the uilleann pipes a bit more these days. We have a gig in the Spailpin Fanach next Sunday at 4pm [plug plug] – check out www.corkpipersclub.com for more

    I’ll get back to the piano someday…

  • Julian
    I think that’s a very good idea. If we do it and get discount for bulk, I’ll order an extra one in orange. You don’t play piano, by any chance?

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