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We at Bubble Brothers HQ are very lucky indeed to be able to lunch on world class sandwiches from just along the Marina at the Natural Foods Bakery shop. You can download a pdf of their menu on our (evolving) links page here. And now Orla has started a blog, which is great news. I'm looking forward to bakery news, some fruitful discussion with the other real food bloggers and maybe the odd recipe too. Buy a fresh-baked loaf of proper bread from Orla and a bottle of Erik Banti's irresistible vintage olive oil from us, and you've got it made.

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  • Anthony Creswell

    Here’s a new site that has just launched which might be of interest to your readers.
    I have had correspondence with Niall Harbison over the last year as he was cheffing on super yachts in the Carribbean and he returned to Irleand earlier this “summer” to film all the videos here in Ireland.
    Worth a look at:

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