Food pairing made easy

Blogging has not affected my administrative efficiency one bit. And to prove it, I pass on to you this interesting link that Will Knott told me about at the end of March. Okay, March last year.
Springwise: Sommelier, go away! Food pairing made easy
I think this is a good idea. It's not dumbing down, and especially not for people who aren't that interested in wine but like to drink it; just helpful. It's not compulsory to know all about wine, the way some people think. The world would get along just fine without the stuff. (Discuss). I'm thinking of doing something similar for Bubble Brothers' retailing customers, and for our own shelves, on our in-house point-of-sale shelf labels, which are 95 of yer new metric millimetres square. Just a big ol' cow, or prawn, or whatever, in a clip-art-but-not-quite sort of style; or perhaps a Dorling Kindersley-ish crisp-as-winter photo. If you can make this kind of thing, and would like to swap a little project for a little vino, I'd be interested to hear from you. There's no particular brief beyond trying to jazz up the racks of bottles a bit and give the customer some general help with choosing. I had in mind the 'good with...' food matching idea, a 'screwcapped bottle' one, maybe some really clear, uncluttered country maps showing just the outline of the country with the region in a different colour, a 'new line' one... And I apologize for the hyphen abuse. Whatever would Winston Churchill say?


  • Kieran
    It’s a great idea! You could also take it the next step and do a little pamphlet with pairing suggestions as hand-outs on wines you want to push (if you haven’t already)… By the way, we’d be interested in some cases of champagne for our book launches in early May. Something special (like that biodynamic one I bought) but not too prohibitive. Maybe y’all can email me with some options!

  • Julian
    Thanks for your views, guys. I’ve done a few draft ones and I’ll see what people think. Not too much information at all, to begin with – but it’s a fairly adaptable format. The matching guide to take away is a good idea, too. I’ll drop you a line about the champagne, Kieran.

  • Elke
    Great idea, Julian. I normally don’t have the problem as Austin is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to food pairing. When I put my wine list together for the wine tastings I would like to get more information from the website. Grape mixture, taste structure and of course advise on pairing the wine to food. That might make the online ordering easier. Otherwise notes on the wine cards in the shop are a great idea.

  • Caroline@Bibliocook
    That sounds like a great idea. I know the customers in Urru often spend time contemplating the point-of-sale signs as they decide on that night’s wine – I’ve been known to do it myself on many an occasion! – and, within reason, the more information the better. It’s all about education, isn’t it?

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