English Market Shop

Hi All,

Some of you may know me as I am he who grins in the Bubble Brothers English Market Wine Shop from Tuesday to Saturday.

Very happy to be joining the blogging scene, on which I will endeavour to inform and entertain. I’m lucky to be exposed to many like-minded people in the shop. I’m even luckier to be exposed to people who leave me with cherished moments, such as a kind lady from Oregon last week who bought a Chardonnay from the Loire Valley. She was very keen to taste it as she “never knew that they’d got Chardonnay in France”.

All bloggers welcome online and in the shop!



  • Mise
    Hey Austin…will be seeing you there. :-D

    You reminded me of the Italian lady in a New York pizzaria who shouted over the heads of her customers to ask me if we had pizza in Ireland!

  • Julian
    I second that. Go mad buddy.

  • Damien Mulley
    waves to Austin

    Welcome to the blogosphere Austin.

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