Damsons in distress

Let that ugly and slipshod pun tell you something about how hard we're all working on the Bubble Brothers Big Wine Event.

Now that I don't work outside any more, I imagined the sloes were finished, but there is hope still for something to put a Christmas glow in the noses of etiolated clerks like yours t. Pick sloes, mind your fingers on the thorns, make sloe gin. Here's how, as they say - a very seasonal post.

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  • John
    The sloes are still plentiful round us. I’ve never seen them so big and they can be mistaken for damsons, which are much rarer. In years like this make at least six bottles. If you drink a few this year you will have some nicely ageing and you will notice the difference. Watch the colour turn from youthful purple to aged brown, just like wine in fact. All the best.

  • Julian
    Thanks John, you’ve made up my mind for me. I’ve a day off tomorrow so will go a-sloeing.

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