Bubbling under

We now have two samples of Prosecco frizzante to try, from different ends of the swank spectrum - and different producers. Because they are not sealed with a mushroom cork in the way that champagne is, we pay only regular wine duty on them, not the double duty that the champagne cork attracts. Hooray! Cheaper fizz! Prosecco seems to have been flavour of the summer in Ireland this year. When I've shaken off this stinking cold and we have a few minutes to do the tasting, watch this space for developments.

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  • Julian
    Yes, totally mad. I guess the wine trade is just used to it at this stage, though there is a fairly active vintners’ lobby against what is plainly a nonsense. I might write an ‘exposé’ one of these days to draw a bit of attention.

  • Damien Mulley
    That’s madness! You should have a blog post about that and other strange/idiotic things.

  • Julian
    Yes indeed – we pay six times the EU average in duty: http://www.wineboard.com/market.htm, and champagne duty at €4.10 per bottle is twice that of table wines. Dates back to the days when only the hated oppressor would be drinking champagne so he might as well pay through the nose for it. Successive governments have been happy enough not to alter this state of affairs, usually, ostensibly, to prevent champagne-fuelled anarchy in the streets &c. &c. Glad you liked the cava, and your buddies the Cubans. A real indulgence.

  • Damien Mulley
    You pay extra duty for champagne/champagne packaging?

    Got some cava (can’t remember the name) but Austin said the Spanish guy who works in the market loved it. I did too.

    My co-workers were delighted with the Cubans I supplied for a night out on Sat too btw.

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