OK folks, at Claire's instigation, I've introduced myself to a heap of new blogs today, because it is Blogday - post title links to the Blogday site. Here are five that show a bit of diversity, I hope. They're all new to me today.

This is one that might have something for you computer people. I put it in because of the swing dancing.

This is one that I came up with by searching for "Eton Fives" (the ball game)

A musical one:

and, because I'm from Suffolk and run a bit when I can:

and one from the country I was nearly brought up in:

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  • Julian
    I’m from Ipswich, but my grandmother was from Westerfield – house behind the Swan, now demolished; and my grandfather, in the cap
    here was I think born in Stowlangtoft, out Felsham way anyway.

  • Anonymous
    Only just spotted this, I’m a quick mover! Thanks for the link I will reciprocate shortly.

    Where abouts did you live in Suffolk?

  • Julian
    Thank you too! It would be very interesting to hear the opinions of someone who knows about the business aspects as well as the drinking ones. (Crivens! Now I’ll have to stop making stuff up if people who know what they’re talking about are reading.)

  • Nick
    Julian – many thanks for the link: will be reciprocating on News From Beyond . . .. As someone formerly involved in helping run these guys I’ll be watching the blog with interest . . .

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