Blog training course

Last night I went along to the first of five sessions on blogging that Tom Raftery is leading at the National Software Centre. If this blogging business is a revolution, on the evidence of last night it's another one that's kinda heavy on the middle-aged white men... but I'm looking forward to getting a wider perspective on the whole business and , with any luck, improving the BB blog to everyone's advantage.


  • Julian
    Nick, you may be right! Making it up as I go along has worked well enough so far, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to find out what more there might be to it all than meets the eye of the layman. Especially with Bubble Brothers footing the bill. You may be sure I’m keeping a keen eye on Mr Raftery for any sign of mountebankery.

  • Tom Raftery
    Julian, I received an apology from a third woman ho was also enrolled on the course and I had forgotten about. She too will be along next week!

    Nick, I too am in the wrong business obviously – I am not being paid for giving this course. The small amount charged to attendees goes to fund rent of the room from the NSC and any remainder goes to it@cork.

  • Julian
    Thank you, Sam. How kind! I’ll check it out properly when I get five minutes – seems like a great resource.

  • Nick
    Good grief, blogging night-school? I’m in the wrong business . . .

  • Sam
    Julian – do you know about Food Blog S’cool? It is open to wine bloggers too. It might be a useful tool for you.

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