Big Wine Event free tickets

I forgot to mention this - my apologies.

All ten free tickets for the Big Wine Event have been snapped up.

You can buy as many as you like, though, and you do get your tenner back when you subsequently buy a case from us.


  • Julian
    Hi Cormac. Our best prices are also in the thirty-odds (13 for 12 discount also applies), and most reasonable champagne in Ireland is going to end up at near enough this price once transport, €4.10 duty per bottle, VAT and our margin are taken into account. Buying outside the big brands can be a bit of a gamble unless you get a personal recommendation or go to a supplier you trust :) – but if you do, you’re likely to find something special. There is cheaper champagne around, but it’s generally not great. You would be much better off exploring wines made in the same way in other regions – the various French crémants, Spanish cavas and so on. BB have just got in a great off-dry Sauvignon Blanc fizz from South Africa. Not champagne, but veree interesting. The absurd double duty here is the chief obstacle to the greater enjoyment and knowledge of champagne and other mushroom-corked sparklers in Ireland. Shouldn’t just be for Christmas!

  • Julian
    Update! Just read this in an e-mail from Decanter magazine this morning.

  • DocMurf
    Hi Julian,
    I am a Champagne lover, and I am often in the South of France visiting the local Géant for bargains. I can often get very good deals on Champagne for €10-15. What’s the best price you could offer? I am not talking about the very best, but something decent. Can you come anywhere near those prices? I know in supermarkets, you would have to pay €30-35 for anything half decent. Regards, Cormac

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