BarCampIreland Culpeo Sauvignon Blanc

I hope everyone is having a great day at BarCampIreland, and I'm sorry I'm not able to get along. Anyway, it's about lunchtime, so please let me know what you think of the Culpeo Sauvignon Blanc, if that's, so to speak, your poison. Non-drinkers may like to contribute eavesdroppings.

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  • Julian
    Thank you for letting me know what you thought – I’ll be happy to report to our man in Chile, and I reckon he’ll be happy too. I only wish I’d been able to join you all at BarCamp – not only for the wine!

  • ellybabes
    The Sauvignon Blanc was gorgeous and I partook of quite a few glasses over lunch and during the afternoon – in fact I believe that there’s even video out there of me presenting my session with glass in hand!

    Thanks for the sponsorship and generosity, there was a goodly amount of bottles provided, even if I did have to give up the one secreted in my laptop bag later in the afternoon!! :-)

  • Conor O'Neill
    I really enjoyed this wine. In general I find that Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is not as good as NZ but this was very comparable and I sneaked one more glass than I should have at lunch time. Seemed to be very popular with the attendees too.

  • Eoghan McCabe
    Really enjoyed your wines at BarCamp, and I wasn’t the only one. Thanks!

  • Damien Mulley
    It’s a lovely wine. I’d get another bottle for sure. Only had the one glass but have now dumped the car at home and can enjoy another.

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