Art appreciation - what do you think of these?

Come on, people - gimme the vox pop here please. Our Rioja supplier, Bodegas Altanza, is launching some super-special wine in bottles as substantial as champagne bottles with a dimple in the bottom you could bath a baby in. They'll cost about fiftyish a bottle because it's a limited run of 14,000 bottles, everything about them's classy, and I gather it took no little persuading to get the Miró Foundation to grant permission to use the pictures. Would you go for this if you had fifty euro to spend on impressing someone(yourself included)? The samples only arrived yesterday so we haven't had time to try the wine (new French oak, 13½% alcohol) yet, but let's suppose it's a five-star modern-style Rioja. Feedback please.

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  • Damien Mulley
    They’d be ideal corporate presents.

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