Your Mind is on Vacation

... and your mouth is working overtime. The marvellous Mose Allison is a possible for this year's Cork Jazz Festival. I hope he keeps the tempos down. It's a pity to miss a single word. Speaking of drinking too much coffee, our friend John Gowan of Cork Coffee Roasters has opened a shop in Bridge Street in Cork, next to Vibes and Scribes. He's planning an official opening on Monday 10th September, and tells me he's hoping, in general, to open real early and open on Sundays too. Go in and say hello, give him some old nonsense about the blog, and he might give you the steam off your java for free. Here's another one of those cool G**gle maps to show you where. View Larger Map My mind, and the rest of me, will be on vacation next week; so, contrarily, you may get more and better posts than usual if I find time on Saturday to line up a week's worth to cover my absence.