Tastings at SALT café wine bar prove a success

Good things

We have begun a series of monthly tastings at Salt, the newly arrived restaurant on Cork's Victoria Road, just round the corner from our Marina warehouse shop. How could we resist getting to know the kind of neighbours who drop in a goody bag of baked delights as a calling card?Salt Food and Wine in Cork currently hosts tastings of wine from Bubble Brothers

Getting the tastings ball rolling

Our first event took place last month, and coincided with the visit to Ireland of Jesús Alvarez Otero of Agro de Bazán, our suppliers of Albariño Granbazán, and also of Bobal Crianza from Utiel-Requena in the south of Spain. The tasting sold out pretty quickly and a good time was had by all. In fact, there was so much enthusiasm for Jesús' prestige Albariños, which we don't normally stock, that we'll be adding a case or two to our next order. There was also early demand for the next tasting, so we've wasted no time in coming up with a plan for Tuesday 7th June…

The twang's the thang

Our June tasting at Salt will feature the extraordinary wines of acústic celler, made by Albert Jané in the The wisdom of Montsant's old vineyardsDO of Montsant in north-eastern Spain. The name acústic isn't just a handy way of staying near the top of alphabetical searches—it's also an indication of Albert's approach to his craft, in which he aims at a true, unplugged expression of his vines' potential. You might find a suggestion in the acústic experience of the thrilling cello of Pablo Casals, another Catalan maestro and an inspiration for the acústic label design, but if that's a synaesthetic bridge too far, try the wines with us next month and taste for yourself just how vibrant and individual they are. We'll be sampling white, rosé and red wines from Montsant and also getting a taste of the red Priorat DO wine from Albert's Ritme bodega.

UPDATE: This event is now sold out, but we're already planning the next one.

Tickets are available here for the tasting on Tuesday 7th June