Wine in Green Boxes

Wine in green boxes? What about purple?

Easy now. There's no re-branding under way. When we say wine in green boxes, we mean 'green'. Bubble Brothers have introduced Pulpsafe, a sustainable, recycled and recyclable range of packaging: the most eco-friendly way yet of getting our precious goods to their destination.

Even after it's reached its destination, there are ways to extend the life of your wine box. The outer boxes are sturdy and spacious enough for all sorts of storage, and with a little imagination the internal parts can be turned into compost, or spaceships, or put to use in the garden.

Sustainable Pulpsafe wine packaging reused as a container for garden pots
Eighteen pots' worth in every half case!

Sustainable is good news

It goes without saying that what's best for Earth is best for those of us who live here. We try, as a company, to move in the right direction where we can.
You may have read the blog post written by our packaging suppliers WBC about how tricky it can be to decide what 'the right direction' is, but we think that their new Pulpsafe boxes are going to represent the way forward for many businesses whose deliveries contain bottles and jars of liquid.

Home deliveries on the increase

The arrival of COVID-19 has caused a huge increase in online shopping and in home deliveries in general, and this trend will probably last, as we realize just what a range of goods local shops can deliver to our doors.

It's more important than ever, then, that our Little Island warehouse packing station runs fast and smoothly as the orders arrive. More and more of those orders are for mixed cases and half cases as our customers stock up, and take advantage of free delivery on orders of a hundred euro or more.

We're already making inroads into our first shipment of the new boxes. Besides their proud 100% recycled, 100% recyclable green credentials, the Pulpsafe units are proving easy to assemble and unpack, and extremely secure and resilient in transit.

Green to the extreme

The slogan 'Green to the extreme' comes from one of our wine suppliers in Italy, whose Purato range, like Pulpsafe, goes all out to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint. Lightweight, recycled glass bottles are labelled and shipped in recycled paper and card, and the range is certified carbon neutral thanks to the company's planet-friendly policies.

The carbon neutral Purato range of Sicilian organic wines - wine in green boxes
Green to the extreme—the Sicilian Purato range

In addition to all the feel-good features on the outside, the red, white and rosé wines in the Purato range are reliably delicious, and it was a natural move for us to offer a selection of them, for delivery in a Pulpsafe box. You can try out both the packaging and the wine with the Green to the Extreme mixed case, which includes a bottle of the rich, smooth Nero d'Avola Appassimento, chosen by Tom Doorley as Drink of the Week in a recent Wine Choice column for the Irish Mail on Sunday.

Speaking of the press

Our new boxes have caught the eye of a number of publications, among them