URRU Mallow food fight tomorrow

Tomorrow, Friday 26th, sees the official opening, at 11am, by Rachel Allen, of URRU Mallow, a brother shop for the Bandon purveyor of exquisite morsels, kitchen hardware and cookery books. Oh and of course dreamy wines.

Here's a picture of the invitation. If you click it, it may be possible to read what's on offer; but, in short, all sorts of good things will be a-sampling on Friday and Saturday too. The Bubble Brothers team, in the form of Cyril Besnard and his predecessor (on a flying visit) Godefroy Baijot will be strutting their stuff on Friday. If you're so minded and in that part of the world, look in and say hello to Willie Healy, the boss man, and grab yerself a bite while choosing what to drink this weekend, for instance. 022 53192 is the number for Mission Control at the Mallow shop.