Traffic fumes

I incandesce no little bit to see this article, concerning the new motorway north of Cork, in yesterday's Examiner. Try as I might, I can find out nothing more about the issues it raises. No-one else has seemed to give a damn much since they started building the road, beyond idle grumbling about tolls in general. Seems to me there's a whole civil liberties thing going on here and that there has been limited transparency from the NRA and the contractors. Oh, look here! we've found an ancient settlement! Never mind about how we're planning to make you drive. But this is a wine blog. Must. Stay. Calm.

UPDATE 05.ix.06
Turns out I shouldn't believe what I read in the papers. I didn't, really - I'm still cross about how secretive the whole business of building a huge obvious great road has been and continues to be.