Top 10 Loire wines - Telegraph

I'm a big fan of wines from the Loire Valley, and fail to understand why they're not more popular in general here. I tend to recommend them, so our customers have every chance to broaden their views beyond the ubiquitous, frequently no more than adequate Sancerres that sometimes begin and end representation of the region on wine lists. Why splash out, for instance, at Sancerre prices when this refined, edgy Sauvignon Blanc is simply excellent and costs a fiver or more less? And why not see what a good winemaker Damien Delecheneau is, by trying his Ad Libitum blend of Côt (Malbec), Gamay and Cabernet Franc? It goes with everything. I'm delighted to see two suppliers to Bubble Brothers mentioned in Jonathan Ray's recent choice of ten top Loire wines in the Daily Telegraph: Top 10 Loire wines - Telegraph I hope M&S aren't selling the Bailly Quincy here, though. Words would have to be had with the Baillys if that was the case, because we do like to work exclusively as far as possible. I'll drop them a line, or give a ring next week to find out. Loire wordle In the meantime, here's one of those text-y, image-y wordles, to give a glimpse of the article to those of you who can't hang around.