The Irish Apple (ii)

This is about the people at Apple Computers, and how generous-spirited and far-sighted they have been in respect of one particular incident indirectly concerning Bubble Brothers. (If this looks like a draft rather than the full gale, so it is. Progress has put the kibosh on uploading pictures for the moment, and I'm not getting prompter with things generally as the years go by. My apologies. But I did want to get part (ii) up before part (i) had turned to dust. Hate to miss a segue.) Bubble Brothers are sponsoring the first round-the-world bicycle ride by Irishmen. One of these stout chaps had his iPod stolen from him in Tashkent. Apple, makers of iPods, are in Cork. We, the sponsors of Revolutioncycle, are in Cork. I asked Apple if they would consider doing the knight in shining armour routine. They did. Wow. Yippee. They dished out an engraved replacement iPod, which was delivered to the circumnavigators with their winter weather bundle a month or two ago. Simon's thoughts across the countless miles once again have a soundtrack. I think that was thoroughly decent of Apple. I invited the local press to make a fuss, but somehow the story didn't grab them.