Sancerre Wines on this brisk winter day

I've just sent off our first order for another pair of wines that excira and delira us at the Loire Valley wine fair 2007 - nearly a year ago, crivens. These are the Sancerre and Quincy La Croix Saint Ursin, both 2006, from Domaine Sylvain Bailly. I wanted to find a second Sancerre for our list, because the huge popularity of the appellation/brand means that all the restaurants want a Sancerre, but naturally not the one that we've just sold to the place next door. I don't agree with Gary Vaynerchuk about this wine - he finds it too New-Worldy for his liking. This wasn't my experience at all: I think it's a bright, mineral wine typical of its provenance and a really good Sancerre at the price, which is going to be €20.50. Anyway, here's the big G: I'm also very excited about the Quincy; perhaps I even prefer it. This is a Sauvignon Blanc wine too, frankly just as enticing as the Sancerre, perhaps a little more citrussy, less deep, but less expensive at €16.50. We should have these in stock towards the end of January.