Road safety question

I wish I had been able to make time to put up a post about road safety &c. as suggested recently by Damien Mulley, following Damien Blake's initiative. That week was a very busy spell for us here though, and I came in to work unusually early one or two mornings in the fortnight after the opening of the new N8.

Anyway, I got a speeding ticket in the post yesterday and of course I'm ashamed and fed up about it, though I can't dispute the accusation. The 50 kph limits (slowing traffic from 80kph) approaching the Corrin roundabouts just outside Fermoy begin a good quarter of a mile back on straight road, and end about a mile further on. You can drive up to the Jack Lynch tunnel roundabout at 100.

I did the Hibernian Ignition course and thought it was very good, and partly in consequence consider myself annoyingly law-abiding.

However, I do think it is true that some cameras are sited in what have been called "cynical and revenue-orientated locations", of which the quote scene of the crime unquote seems to me to be one - which in turn leads me to asking your advice, dear reader.

This morning I tried out pedantic observance of all the speed restrictions on my way in - ie not fitting in with fellow road users - and even on a Saturday morning, this clearly caused an amount of frustration not too far from road rage in motorists behind me. In busier traffic, I feel strongly that my obeying the letter of the law could have led to an accident, as drivers behind succumbed to impatience.

Should I carry on driving at odds with everyone else, ie legally, and risk causing a head-on collision as drivers behind overtake riskily? How would I feel if I did? (clue: not self-righteous)

Should I keep doing what everyone else does, and take my chance of acquiring some more penalty points?

Should I avoid the trouble spots by choosing alternative routes where due observance of the limits is less likely to cause trouble? Whaddya think?