Rhône recommendation

I like Gary Vaynerchuk's style, and when Bubble Brothers get around to videocasted tastings, it'll be hard not to have his passionate but unpretentious manner in mind. If you know anyone with the appropriate wine knowledge and stage skills who'd be good at this, by the way, do let me know. We consider ourselves too timid and unlovely to make a really good job of it; though, if you disagree, that'd be nice to hear too, in a way. Even supposing we had the time.

Anyway, here's (first wine he tries) Gary trying one of the wines from Montirius, an estate I wrote about during National Organic Week. I'm just about to re-order from them and thought you might like to get an American perspective. We don't usually stock the Clos Montirius Vacqueyras he's tasting, but in my view the regular Vacqueyras that we do have tickles all the same taste buds.

This wine is a very good reason to keep spicing beef, now we don't need to do it for preservative purposes any more.

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