Rain antidote

If you went to sniff the Olearia aforementioned, you might have seen this bank on the other side of the road, a little further north. This is good gardening. Instead of trying to stifle what wants to grow, in the conventional way, the people who live here have enhanced and added to Nature. So you've got your grasses and foxgloves given some zip by brilliant orange eschscholzias and the blues and mauves of lupins and mesembryanthemum-ish daisies. (I think their scientific name might have changed lately). It's all rather glorious at its prime in full sun, but I'm afraid you've missed that.

foxglove bank, Watergrasshill

So here's a psychedelicized photo, after the manner of those postcards you don't see so much any more that try to make Clacton look like the Bahamas. Despite the unnaturally lurid colours I think the picture represents the pleasure of the sight better than a more 'honest' snap.