Pink Pink Fizz

Our search for the perfect Prosecco has proved fruitless so far - no pun intended - but on the way, we've discovered this pink frizzante from the north of Italy. It's made from Raboso, so it's not Prosecco, but if we informally call it a pink Prosecco, I hope you'll get the general idea without anyone sending the lawyers in.

Love at first slurp - it's such cheerful drinking there's no point in doing a big analysis. This is happy fizz, dry but not too dry, full of strawberry fruit and smooth effervescence, and it'll cost about twelve euro a bottle when we put it up on the site and in our shops. Austin in the English Market should have it in stock by Saturday this week.

You will be able to try it at the Big Wine Event on the 24th October in the Clarion, Cork.

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