Pink champagne and Marsala

Just a quick post this Saturday to acknowledge Kieran's recent generous mentions of Bubble Brothers, and point you not only to his engaging writing, rippled with recipes, but also towards his ice creams, which by all accounts are the crème de la crème.

A post about Marsala is (in plentiful company) on my agenda. In the meantime the Wikipedia entry sums things up very well, though it doesn't mention the strange prejudices people have about fortified wines that make them so difficult to sell. More of that another time, perhaps.

What is selling, without any effort on our part, is pink champagne. Again, because I'm hurrying to tidy loose ends and do my homework before heading up to Dublin on Monday for a tasting of Napa Valley wines - click here for cheesetastically musical website - I'll spare you a conjectural analysis of why. You can click the record label to replace the Napa Muzak with Joe Liggins's smooth rhythm and blues from his LA days.

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