Pelargonium sidoides

Nothing to do with wine, except inasmuch as wine is a fair paradigm for many another human enthusiasm. I'm very excited to be returning from Suffolk today with a couple of plants of Pelargonium sidoides from Woottens of Wenhaston in my hand luggage. Assuming they're not adjudged to be offensive weapons, I look forward to trying not to kill them in 2008 and perhaps beyond. The pleasure of that should go some way to making up for my visit's being too short and car-ridden to drink any of Adnams' finest. UPDATE - where there's a will, there's a way. I got me pint after all, but not Adnams' (see below) I heartily recommend to you St Peter's Brewery;
Sutherland House in Southwold, where the meal was as magnificent and unfussy as the surroundings;
Simon Knott's, to which I hope he won't mind my referring;
and, connected only by the tenuous beer thread, this link to the Hogsback Brewery, dropped in by one of our neighbours at the Marina.