Our organic suppliers - Montfreux de Fages

The excitement and busyness of our recent wine event left one or two things on the back burner, so I'm relieved to hear that our latest order from Montfreux de Fages is on its way to Cork this morning, as our stocks are getting low.

This is an organic winery that began with a commitment to organic methods and respect for the environment, and which has supplied us with one of our most popular red wines, the vin de pays Bergerie des Prieurs, as well as a delicious Sauvignon and a Picpoul de Pinet on the white side.

My new contact at the company, Carole Jacquemin, has promised that we can expect to see them signed up as contributing members to this blog very soon. I look forward to it - some more recent news than their website provides would be very welcome!

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