Not even standing room

Sold out sign The overwhelming appeal of a champagne tasting in dingy January seems not to have been a bubble that went on to burst. We have been inundated with bookings for our tasting in dingy February (this Thursday 25th, in fact), too. I'll be introducing some wines from the south of France and attempting to exchange some useful information with the audience along the way. One of the comments made to us after January's launch of the wine club was that the event was just a little too well-attended for everyone's comfort, so this time we have done our best to restrict numbers, as courteously as possible, to rather fewer than then. We'll keep making adjustments as necessary, in line with what people tell us, until we feel we've got it right. If you've been disappointed, I'm very sorry - the success of the wine club so far has taken us by surprise. A good complaint, it's been said, and of course that's true. If you would like to make sure of a place at our next tasting (looking at the variety of white wines that come in tall bottles), on Thursday 25th March, then the thing to do is buy your ticket now, by following this link. If you'd like to sign up for the remaining eight tastings of the year, then you can do that, too: this is the place.