Mas Codina at Vinisud

Mas Codina's stand, Vinisud

Here are the first of the Vinisud pictures, and they more or less represent where we began, a splendid feed at Le Vieux Four on the evening of our arrival notwithstanding.

Below is Toni Garriga from Mas Codina in Penedes, supplier to us of really great cava (brides: save your pennies - this is what you need for the reception); a white wine made from the cava grapes; and, now and again, a deep-coloured, sturdy rosé and a Cabernet Sauvignon that is more than able for very fine dining. After a good spell of trudging around Montpellier in the rain (I am finding it hard to convince anyone that three days' wine tasting in the South of France could have any downside, but that won't stop me aiming for a balanced account), it was restorative to start the fair off by meeting Toni and sampling the latest batch of the fizz. Mas Codina I don't speak Catalan, and Toni doesn't have much English, so we get by in pidgin French. We promised to return to have a go at the new vintage of the Blanc Cupatge (the still white), but I'm sorry to say there just wasn't time, in the end. It's extremely likely, however, that it will be every bit as spiffing as usual - Toni's pride in what he is doing is evident in his manner and his wine.