I apologize for any inconvenience caused lately while I was busy breaking the website. I couldn't keep you informed about this because the website, blog included, was in bits on the floor like the works of a clock, so to speak. Publishing the blow-by-blow details and sending SOSes, consequently, was not an option. However, using our newly acquired time reversal optimizer, a puff or two of blue steam and the matching long weights, we're back online. The way my uploaded pictures keep falling off the blog is the least of my worries, but I'll get around to even this before too long. I'm on a roll, you see. Ignorance has proven no obstacle to reassembling the debris successfully into what looks like the old website. NOW WITH ADDED STUFF! The upgrade of our web shop that caused all the emotion, and associated toil, means we now have:

product reviews

no more encoding misery with accented characters

and a gentle laxative effect on how web orders are processed and administrated (nothing you'd notice at the customer end much, but a source of lasting relief to me).