Loire Muscadet vintage halved by frost

Eric Chevalier, who makes the zippy, vivacious Fie Gris as well as a revisionist Muscadet (nothing to be afraid of) and a rosé to reckon with, writes to tell me that the severe frost that has just hit the western Loire (Loire Muscadet vintage halved by frost) did not overlook him.

le-ht-de-la-butte-mars08.JPG Here is a photo of his vineyards in March, before the iceman came-th. But, on the brighter side...
After the gold medal '' Concours Général Paris'' for the AOC MUSCADET SUR LIE CÔTES DE GRAND LIEU 2007 We have been selected for the FIE GRIS 2007 '' argent, Concours National vins de Pays'' Cuvée Rosé 2007 '' Bronze, Concours National vins de Pays"
So buy and try some Muscadet with your mackerel and gooseberries this weekend. And to follow, here's my cheese selection: an article by Tim Atkin on Muscadet, which has been lovingly aged in bookmarks for well over twelve months and which, while no longer possessing the virtues of youth, has taken on the bloom of full ripeness that will delight the connoisseur.