Jumpin' at the Leeside

All very busy here and just no time to put up any winey stuff at the moment. Instead, something completely different - get started on how to do this: CORK CLASSES AND EVENTS Cork Jazz Festival 26th - 29th October 2007 There will be a beginners swing dance workshop from 3pm - 4pm on the Saturday of the festival at the Firkin Crane, Shandon. It's free, as part of the festival. Call the Firkin Crane 021 450 7487 for details. The Firkin SpeakEasy 26th October 2007 Get into the Swing of the Cork Jazz Weekend with “The Firkin SpeakEasy” on Friday 26th October from 7.30pm til 10pm. A vintage glamour night with swing music and free dance class. Come and be transported back to a period of prohibition, Charleston and high-society decadence. Choose a decade of your choice – from the 20’s to the 50’s - and dress to impress. A casual beginners class at 7.30pm will get you into the swing of things with Jessica Peel-Yates and Elaine Peace. Dressed up in vintage glamour - €8, Ordinary citizens - €10. Wine / tea / coffee available.