Instant advice - Jouclary Sauvignon

I'm intending to put one of those 'call me back' buttons on the website: you're browsing, you have a daft question, you click the button &c. and I ring you to see how I can help. In the interim I put meebo up there instead. This has given my colleagues plenty of scope for winding me up, and although it does have its uses besides that, it's just a bit too instant for how busy we are. (I am). It looks as though I didn't log out properly last night, because someone wrote in at half past eleven to ask if we stock the Sauvignon from my favourite supplier of red wine, Château Jouclary in the Cabardès. If you're the enquirer, no we don't, but I do from time to time ask for samples just in case.

Château Jouclary Sauvignon

We find it a little 'hard' compared to other pays d'Oc Sauvignons, and not quite as piercingly refreshing as, say, a Loire one. Not bad, but not a rival for our other French wines from the grape. Also, I frankly don't like the label. But the magnificence of the Gianesinis' red wines makes up for any of that.