I'm Sorry I Haven't a Cluetrain

Well, that was a busy few days. Naturally the picture below was staged by our team of marketing stylists, vehicle dep't, to illustrate this point, and does not depict anything that happened in reality. Vehicle We are open Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the Marina and in the English Market, and also present at the Blackrock Pier Christmas market on Sunday to give away mulled wine. For Christmas this year I may well decide to drink: with the turkey and ham, either our Savigny, or Brightwater's Young Vine Pinot Noir; them as prefer white wine will probably get Alain Gautherin's Vieilles Vignes Chablis, or his 1er cru Montmains; if we get as far as champagne, I may follow the MD's tip and try a bottle of Andre Clouet's vintage. For general drinking outside the main attraction, I still think reds from the Loire can't be beaten as a match for the variety of food that's often on offer. Go go Damien Delecheneau's Ad Libitum, ditto Wilfrid Rousse's Chinon "Les Galuches". Or any of our Spanish reds, probably an oaky one: the new Otero Prieto Picudo for instance, or San-Marcos's Cencibel. And for a white, Cyril Mares's Mas des Bressades Tradition Blanc, maybe; or a Touraine Sauvignon like the one from the Godets, or the screw-topped Alias. If you're waiting for me to reply to your e-mail, I apologize. I'll get around to it in due course. If you're waiting for me to taste your wine, I apologize. I'll get around to it in due course. If you're waiting for me to be as prompt, innovative and cross-referential as the technology permits, well... just get yourself a glass of the good stuff and keep on waiting. We wish you all a very merry Christmas. I found this clip of some musicians I admire. The slightly hysterical busyness of the last little while here has felt rather like this (don't click if raucous music displeases you):