He said "macrophage", eh heh heh

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Ryan Tubridy and all the rest of you who think bloggers are knuckle-dragging illiterates. Beau Jarvis at Basic Juice regularly crashes through the two-and-more syllable barrier. Anyway, "macrophage" reared its hungry head when Beau was describing the shape of the recently (not ten years old yet) designated wine region of Montsant in eastern Spain. You can find out more from the Wines from Spain website. acustic celler, acustic 2006 I mention it here because we are very proud to be the Irish importers of the wine Basic Juice dealt with in that post. A fine, fresh, powerful blend of Garnatxa and Carinyena with, as Beau mentions, structural, textural interest at least as compelling as its fruit flavours, and a big brother called braó, who seems a little stern but whose eyes are mostly smiling. We're a bit hamstringed in English for want of language to express the texture of wine in the mouth - are we? but perhaps it's good to have a few inaccessible mansions in the house of critical vocabulary.